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Brief History of Doordarshan - II

A major land mark was the introduction of colour television in 1982 with Asiad '82 (9th Asian Games) which ushered in a major revolution in broadcasting in the country. This was followed by a phase of rapid expansion of Doordarshan when, in 1984, DD installed a transmitter in the country more or less everyday. With this, the reach television increased far and wide.

As on 31.03.2009, Doordarshan is having 66 numbers of Studio Centres and 1410 transmitters and have 19 channels, which include 2 All India Channels, one International channels, 11 RLSCs, 4 State networks & 1 Sports Channel.

Doordarshan has a three tier programme service-National, Regional and Local. The emphasis in the National programmes is focused on events and issues of interest to the entire nation. The regional programmes are beamed on DD Channel from the State capital Kendra at specific times and relayed by all transmitters in the respective States. Specific request for more regional telecast is also acceded from time to time for terrestrial transmission.

To provide additional software in the regional languages, 11 RLSCs telecast programmes round the clock in the respective language of the State which is available terrestrially in the States during regional transmission and in satellite mode at other times. These programmes are also available in satellite mode to the outside state viewers. The Kendra at local station originates programmes in the local languages & dialects and the programmes are area specific.

Doordarshan entered the new era of satellite broadcasting when the launched DD direct plus (DTH Service) on 16th December' 2004. DD direct plus is India's first DTH Service offering 54 TV channels and 21 Radio Channels. Also known as KU Band Transmission, DD direct plus is the cost effective alternative compare to terrestrial expansion through HPTs and LPTs for attaining nearly 100% TV coverage in the country. Towards this end Doordarshan has also distributed Dish Antenna and set-top boxes free to community organization in far flung and remote areas of the country.

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The history of Doordarshan Guwahati can be traced back to the year 1982. It was in this year that India hosted the 9th Asian Games and this event ... More

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